Neon Borneo Festival Miri Event Activities

DJ Performance

A great stage comes with a great DJ. There will be female DJs rocking the stage during the fest. They are from Taiwan, Thailand and West Malaysia. Who will it be? Join us to find out and to party your heart out!

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Live Band Performance

Not a fan of loud music? For some who enjoy a chill environment, we have a live band performance for you. The live bands will perform a different genre of songs.

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Dancing Performance

A big stage with female DJs and we are completing it with a group of talented dancers. They will bring out the hidden dancer in you along with the music. Best stage, talented dancers, the great female DJs...... The night will be lit!

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Food and Beverage Booth

Food is always a MUST! Food stalls will be available during the whole event so you won’t get hungry. We have various types of food available for everyone. Fill yourself with delicious food as you party.. or you can enjoy the dishes with whoever you come to the festival with.

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