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Meet Up With Famous DJs At NEON Borneo Festival 2022

Which Famous DJs Will Be Attending NEON Borneo Festival?

Neon Borneo Festival

You must be curious by now which famous DJs will be attending NEON Borneo Festival 2022. Here are the DJs we invited to build up the energy for the music festival.


Bee C: Bee Chew started pursuing his deejay career in 2010. His passion and persistence have made built up his skills today! You will be high with his music. 


Tiger Ming: Malaysian-based DJ. You won’t want to miss his show if you love aggressive heavy sounds. He has performed around Asia, such as in Bangkok and China. 


Queen T: Formerly known as DJ Tiana. She is one of the most demanded female D.J. in Malaysia. Queen T is known for her fast mix and open format mix.


CrossFinger: Formerly known as C.K., he has been influenced by many genres of music from the early 90’s till the present. CrossFinger plays a wide range of Hip-Hop, RnB, K-Pop, Dirty Dutch, commercial Top40, Trap, and electronic dance music (EDM).


Alexis Grace: If you are a fan of the EDM scene, you would be familiar with Alexis Grace. Alexis Grace was named Malaysia’s #1 Female D.J. in 2017!


This is our first wave of D.J.s, don’t miss the latest update on our Facebook page.

Don't Miss MC BURGERKID At NEON Borneo Festival 2022

Famous Djs

Besides famous DJs coming to hype up Miri City, Burgerkid will be joining this music festival to spice up the celebration.


If you are familiar with Burgerkid, he is an experience hypeman who brings energy to the party. He is familiar with almost all genres present in the industry.


He brings all kinds of mechanics & control the crowd in a show. His confidence has brought him to where he is now in a short time in the industry.

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NEON BORNEO FESTIVAL™ 2022 is a rebranded event based on Neon Beer Festival in 2018 which is held by the same organizers, iPrima Media and Village Sound System.

It is a yearly music event looking to boost tourism to Miri, Sarawak as a great place to Live, Play & Work.

We are pleased to have Sarawak Government help launch Neon Borneo Festival 2022.

We are looking to a more exciting Neon Borneo Music Festival 2023

Thanks to all NEONSTERS for your support! We love you all! See you in 2023.

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