Neon Borneo Festival: What Is It?

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August 10, 2018

Neon Borneo Festival: What Is It?

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Neon Borneo Festival – Festival of Lights, Music & Food


The lights. The music. The food. The fluorescent colours. The drinks. The sounds. The ambience. The family fun times. Neon Borneo Festival is here to satiate your desires!


Fascinated by the colourful lights contrasting the stillness of the night? Or perhaps you are a big fan of Oktoberfest but simply do not have the means to attend? Maybe you’re looking for somewhere cosy with some food and drinks to spend some time with the fam? Look no further than this year’s Neon Borneo Festival!

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2019 marks the debut of the biggest neon-themed music festival held in Sarawak’s very own Oil Town, Miri.


What Is Neon Borneo Festival 2019?


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Neon Borneo Festival is a family-friendly 2-day event that will be held in Coco Cabana, Miri, from the 4th to 5th of October 2019. The event is organized for all locals, expats, and tourists alike.


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Whether you’re a visitor from Brunei or Singapore or even a local, you’ll undoubtedly have an enjoyable evening. Just think about basking in the night breeze while enjoying good food, and even greater music! Pure bliss!


What Can You Do At Neon Borneo Festival?


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What do you get from attending such an event? The Neon Borneo Festival will include various events and activities such as games and performances that you will not want to miss out on!


Plus, you get to enjoy these activities if you just take the plunge and buy a ticket to the event:


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Music Performances: You’ll get to enjoy music from both DJs & bands playing over the duration of the event.


neon borneo festival dance


Dance: Who says you can’t chase your Dirty Dancing dreams? Follow your heart and don’t listen to what others say. Empty your heart from the troubles and dance to the beat of the awesome music!


neon borneo festival food


Food & Beverages: You won’t be “hangry” at the festival. On the contrary, you’ll get to sample a myriad of delicacies from a range of culinary disciplines right next to each other!


neon borneo festival merch


The Merch: What’s better than attending a festival? The merch! Cover yourself head-to-toe with neon-flavoured apparel and accessories and be the centre of attention!


neon borneo festival freedom


Freedom: Life is short. Why work yourself up and bottle up the stress from work and life? Come join us at the Neon Borneo Festival and party all you want!


But if after all’s said and done, and you’re still not convinced, you could do it for your family. You may have reservations about bringing your family and especially the young children to a music festival. But fret not! Neon Borneo Fest is touted as a family-friendly event suitable for everyone regardless of age!


In Closing


So, why stress about life? Have a blast, party up the night, and move on!


You only live once. Live it with fun and happiness! Take a break, enjoy the party and rock your life, responsibly of course.


Neon Borneo Festival 2019 is organised by iPrima Media and Village Mobile Sound System Miri.


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