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2022 NEON Borneo Festival Is Finally Back In Miri

What Is NEON Borneo Festival?

Neon Borneo Festival

Neon Borneo Festival is a rebranded event based on Neon Beer festival in 2018.

The organizers are iPrima Media and Village Sound System. There will be local and international artists joining this event.

The theme of this event is based on atmospheric neon lighting and neon decorative elements.

The goal of the festival is to attract tourist to Miri city, Neon Borneo Festival is not all about music, there will be traditional performance going on in the event.

Besides that, you can enjoy the traditional Sarawakian food and beverages as you listen to the music. This allows the tourist to know more about Sarawak culture and food.  

Ticket Price For NEON Borneo Festival

Neon Borneo Festival

Ticket is going fast. If you are interested in this Sarawak music festival, you will want to get your ticket fast.

For early birds, you can get the ticket at the price below:

Day 1 (07/10): RM49

Day 2 (08/10): RM49

Day 3 (09/10): RM149

If you are joining continuously for three days, you can purchase a 3 days bundle a at a special price which is only RM199. Get your ticket now.

You may notice that the third day ticket price is slightly expensive than the first two days. There will be a mysterious international superstar DJ showing up on the third day, so don’t miss it. You can follow our Facebook Page for more info. 

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NEON BORNEO FESTIVAL™ 2022 is a rebranded event based on Neon Beer Festival in 2018 which is held by the same organizers, iPrima Media and Village Sound System.

It is a yearly music event looking to boost tourism to Miri, Sarawak as a great place to Live, Play & Work.

We are pleased to have Sarawak Government help launch Neon Borneo Festival 2022.

We are looking to a more exciting Neon Borneo Music Festival 2023

Thanks to all NEONSTERS for your support! We love you all! See you in 2023.

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