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Christine Chua – Miri Got Talent Champion

After a long wait for the NEON Borneo festival, this Sarawak music festival is finally back.

This music festival incorporates both local and international artists. One of the artists invited to the NEON Borneo festival is Christine Chua.

If you are a fan of her, you will want to join this Sarawak music festival.

Who Is Christine Chua?

Christine Chua

Christine Chua is a Malaysian singer born in 1996 in Miri, Sarawak. She has a diploma in Mechanical Engineering and received the best academy awards.


She has joined many competitions since she was 9 years old. Although she didn’t get to win in the beginning, she enjoyed the singing process. Till now, she has joined over 100 competitions. She sings more in the soprano range.

Instead of treating singing as a career, she considers it as an interest.  

Besides singing, she has her own career. She started a micro-business part-time after graduating and went into full-time after her team was stable.

She has her team in Malaysia and Singapore and has been building her business for around 5 years and doing some investments.

Competition Results of Christine Chua

Christine Chua
Image Credit: Canva

Christine Chua has been joining many competitions and has been getting many good results in most of the competition. Here are some results that she got from the competition:


  • Bintang RTM Best Overall Performance Award + 4th place
  • Malaysia Miri Got Talent Competition – Champion
  • Water Cube Cup 2019 Malaysia District – Champion
  • Triniti RocknPop Solo Group Malaysia District – Champion
  • Trinity RocknPop Solo Group Highest Score Winner in Southeast Asia


There are many more DJ artist waiting for you in Neon Borneo Festival. Visit our Facebook Page for the latest update. 

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NEON BORNEO FESTIVAL™ 2022 is a rebranded event based on Neon Beer Festival in 2018 which is held by the same organizers, iPrima Media and Village Sound System.

It is a yearly music event looking to boost tourism to Miri, Sarawak as a great place to Live, Play & Work.

We are pleased to have Sarawak Government help launch Neon Borneo Festival 2022.

We are looking to a more exciting Neon Borneo Music Festival 2023

Thanks to all NEONSTERS for your support! We love you all! See you in 2023.

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